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"A Man for all Evenings"

Stand up Comedy – Afterdinner Speaking

Keynote Presentations

Corporate Events

“We have gathered feedback from our audience and 100% of our (48) respondents said they were ‘Very Happy’ (highest rating) with Andy.This has never happened before with any of our speakers. I have pasted the verbatim comments below, “Andy Askins” was absolutely outstanding for us. His routine was hilarious and his delivery and timing is spot on, which had our audience rolling about on the floor for more than 30 minutes. I’ve included some of the comments verbatim below”. 
– TomHadfield – Fixauto Global Conference  – St Georges Park.
“Brilliant , Great timing , Great content and Perfect end to a perfect day 10/10”
“Great !!!Very funny man. Great timing. Never seen him before, will look out for him in future.”
“Fantastic comedian. Couldn’t stop laughing. My only complaint is was he wasn’t on longer.”
“Although risqué, his material is extremely safe for a corporate environment. He received our first ever 100% audience rating, which just goes to show how his comedy suits everyone.”  
 “Andy was more than happy to accommodate my requests for specific pieces of his material and to avoid ‘picking on’ the audience, and he stayed around to chat to our guests for a couple of hours after he left the stage  which was very well received.”
 “I would highly recommend Andy to anybody looking for a comedian with a unique routine to suit a wide audience.  You will not be disappointed.”